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Hey! I'm Emily!

Hormone Balance Expert &

Central Florida's Voice for Health and Fitness

I’m on a mission to transform the lives of thousands of women who have been imprisoned in their own bodies and held for ransom by years of fad diets and bullshit advice that has wrecked havoc on your hormones.

WHY? Because I know what it feels like to not know who you are anymore, to not feel like yourself and find it hard to manage even the smallest things.

I was told by doctors that my "labs were normal" and was put on medication for anxiety and depression. Trying to fix things by dieting harder and working out more only made them worse.

I gave up years of happiness worrying about every bite I put in my mouth. I was obsessed with dieting and became totally out of touch with what my body actually needed.

The harder I tried, the more weight I gained…until I cracked the code. Once I learned what was going on inside my body and give it what it needed, everything changed.

This is what I teach inside my programs...it’s not a guess...

or some calories in-calories out bullshit that doesn’t take into account you have been burning the candle at both ends with late nights and early mornings because you just want a couple hours of alone time at night, but drag yourself up in the morning to get kids ready for school or find a few extra minutes to workout.

Your stress is through the roof worrying about work, bills, food and managing a social life. You barely eat all day or through the week to save calories for some fun at night or on the weekends. You feel moody and irritable, and let’s not even talk about PMS week. (YES, all of these things matter).

My strategy is working for women, like you, everyday inside The Total Body Reset.

So if you think you are “Doing everything right, eating healthy, exercising and still not losing weight”....it’s time to put that belief to the test.

It’s time to realize… maybe what you think is “right” is not what is right for your body.

This isn’t just about a DIET.

This is about changing the entire way you think about food, your habits and how metabolism works in your favor when you get it right.

It’s time to take your life back.


Learn how to implement simple strategies to have more energy, less anxiety, better sleep and weight loss without fad diets or extreme workouts.

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