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During this program we will focus on...

  • Hormone balance 

  • Energy levels

  • Toning & strength

  • Better sleep

  • Better energy

  • Simple & convenient meal planning

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Save time from cycling through fad diets that promise quick results without lasting success.

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Stop the endless guessing game of figuring out what works for your individual health needs.

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Invest in your health now, so your body doesn't have to pay for it later. Your body will thank you.

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  • Weight gain

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Bloating every time you eat

  • Horrible pms 

  • Low libido

  • Constant fatigue

  • Constipation

  • Sugar cravings

  • No motivation

  • Brain fog

  • Brittle nails

  • Dry skin

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Pain and inflammation

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  • Struggle to stick with your health goals & are ready to thrive with accountability

  • Desire a community with on going motivation & support

  • Know that things are off in your body & you aren't getting help from your doctor

  • Are sick of losing & gaining the same 10lbs month after month

  • Have uncontrollable cravings, especially during PMS

  • Fear the upcoming holidays because you know you always gain weight

  • Struggle with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol

  • Are hypothyroid, prediabetic, have pcos, peri menopause, or menopause

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less cravings, bloating, headaches, brain fog, inflammation
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Emily Murphy
Hey, I'm Emily

I’m on a mission to transform the lives of thousands of women who have been imprisoned in their own bodies and held for ransom by years of MISINFORMATION and bullshit advice that has wrecked havoc on their mindset, confidence, and bodies.

It's time to break out of the fad diet cycle and step into a personalized plan that works with your unique lifestyle, body, and goals. I've created a program that puts together my 18 years of experience into one POWERFUL transformation.

What makes me different from other coaches...

  • Honest & Direct Feedback & Advice

  • Tailors to each individual and their needs

  • Concerned about ROOT cause of issues

  • Know the reasons WHY we are eating this way

  • Hormone specializing


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  • Better sleep

  • Clear skin

  • Easier waking up

  • Regular menstrual cycle

  • Recognize what foods make you feel good/bad

  • Gain confidence

  • Decrease stress levels


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  • Step-by-step how to build your own balanced nutrition plan to reset your metabolism 

  • Onboarding calls to go over individual assessments and help you understand nutrition deficiencies and the first steps to start feeling better

  • Weekly group power calls & open office hours to ask questions and stay on track

  • Weekly nutrition trainings to understand why we are eating this way and to develop a better relationship with food

  • Meal plans

  • Healthy AND tasty recipes 

  • Mindset coaching

  • Detox Guides

  • Vacation Guides

+ So much more!

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Can men and women do the program?

No, this program is specifically designed for women’s bodies

Does the program include a meal plan?

Yes, I show you how to build a custom meal plan that helps balance your hormones and clear up the symptoms you’ve been experiencing…most importantly lose weight

Do I have to eat specific foods on the program?

I teach you how to eat for your goals and use the foods that you love, to build a meal plan that’s easy to follow

Do I have to give up alcohol?

Alcohol can have a big impact on hormones, so we have to find what works to keep you in balance.

I have tried Weight watchers, HCG, Optavia, Whole30, Atkins, etc. Why will this work for me?

We focus on an individualized plan geared towards your specefic needs, health goals, and lifestyle.

Do I need to understand macros to join?

Inside the program I teach you how to fully understands the macros that you need and how to make it simple so you can hit them.

Do I need a gym membership?

No, this program provides a gallery of workout videos that you can do from home.

What if I can’t exercise?

The main focus of the program is nutrition while I do believe exercise and movement are essentials of good health; it is not a requirement inside the program.

What equipment is needed if I did the at home workouts?

There are options for body weight, bands, and dumbbells. Some simple home equipment is preferred such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and a stability ball.

Can I continue my own workouts or do I have to do the ones you provide?

Inside the program, you will learn what workouts are the most beneficial and effective for your age and the state of your hormones and be able to adjust accordingly. 

Do we meet in person?

No, everything is remote and online.

Will I need to buy additional products to do the program?

Inside the program there are trainings on supplements that make getting back to balance faster and easier, however they are optional.

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I’m trying to get pregnant. Should I still sign up or wait?

This program is centered on getting your hormones and  body back to balance, it would be a great way to prime your body for pregnancy. 

Can I still do the program while pregnant or breastfeeding?


I don’t want to lose weight, just tone up. Is this program still good for me?

Yes, the focus is on building your metabolism, getting stronger and leaner.

I’m going on vacation, should I wait to sign up?

It depends, if you are able to cook your food, for example at an Air B&B and you were wanting to stay focused on your health. If you have very little control over what to eat, you would want to wait. But within the program, you will learn how to make the best decision for vacations and holidays.

Is this program suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

I truly believe that consuming animal protein helps balance blood sugar, stabilize energy, and promotes healthy hormone production.

What if I’m a picky eater?

The program is based on foods you like to eat.

I am a busy mom, is this program suitable for me?

One of the many benefits of the program is learning how to navigate busy schedules while still working towards your goals. 

What if I have diabetes, autoimmune disease, fatty lover, heart disease, high cholesterol, PCOS, etc?

The reset program us a great start, you may also consider going into a one on one coaching program